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Our Story

Established in 2015, Chef Eran Salzmann offers his second creation of his laid-back, theater style gourmet cooking experience. Our newest and biggest restaurant, ZBest West


Chef Eran Salzmann started his career in the same building he recently has opened for his 2nd restaurant, ZBest West. Almost 30 years ago Chef Eran wore the apron of a dishwasher in the Longhorn Restaurant kitchen, where he worked to support his hobby and love of racing motocross. Growing up often cooking with his grandmother Zerenna Brandt, Eran knew at an early age that preparing food would be his calling. Out of respect to the woman that opened up these wonderful opportunity's for Eran, he named his very own restaurant Z for Zerenna and the B in Best for her last name Brandt. Once the building Eran knew as the local bar underwent a major renovation, he felt that it was a perfect place to bring his talents and business to shine, ZBest West is located in Annawan IL. Come on in and get a taste of the legacy that Eran continue's to keep alive thru his cooking. 


THis location offers an additional PRIVATE party room if needed



Our Delicious Food may cause individuals to aquire an intense mouthwatering as well as the repeated process of licking of the lips. If any of these symptoms occur, visit your nearest ZBest Restaurant to solve any problems you may have aquired from expierencing                 

   ~ The Flavor Elevator ~




Monday - Saturday 11 AM to 9 PM // Sunday 8 AM to 8 PM